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Comments from John Staley – Hamilton’s Bucket List Blues Band

As musicians, we all realize that our product is our music, and you want your sound to be the best that it can be!  So why would you entrust the task of recording your “sound” to any studio that looks at your project as just another job?

When Hamilton’s Bucket List decided to release our first complete album (CD), we went to Urmas at Studio 13.  We were welcomed into the studio and Urmas immediately “invested” himself into our recording, and his commitment carried on throughout the project.  Urmas immersed himself in the initial recording, mixing the rough cuts and including the band members in listening to and discussing every tune prior to the final mixes and mastering.

Working with Urmas at Studio 13 was a great experience.  We’re looking forward to having him produce our next album later this year.  Urmas is a true professional! (And a gentleman.)


Facebook post by Darcea Hiltz of the Halton Jazz Singers:

Yesterday Jason, Ryan & I spent several hours working with Urmas Soomet,  master recording engineer, at Studio 13.  We were ‘processing’ three of our six songs… heading back to Studio 13 on Thursday for round two.  Urmas is a highly skilled and AMAZING recording engineer and ‘mixer’. I highly recommend his Studio 13 for your next recording.


Note from singer/songwriter Anna Poc:

This is a ‘thank you’ for all that you’ve done to help bring my first musical project to fruition.  Everything from recommending flat-wound guitar strings to making many minute edits in production has been greatly appreciated.  I’ve felt nothing but welcomed and comfortable since my first day at Studio 13 and I’m so excited to finally share the art you’ve helped me to express, create and record.

Thanks so much!


Note from singer/songwriter Kim Giles:

Thank you for helping my “dream project” become a reality!  It was an amazing recording experience.


Endorsement from Ruth Finlay – Singer, songwriter and teacher:

Urmas is a great studio engineer as well as a great person.  I have been recording my music with him for more than 10 years.  Urmas is knowledgeable, patient,  and very kind.  He works hard to get the best possible results.

The studio he built is beautiful and located in a lovely natural setting.  Its worth the drive from Toronto to be able to record my music at Studio 13.
My music is now selling online and I know my music projects never would have happened without Studio 13 and Urmas Soomet.
Thank you Urmas!
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