Featured Artist — Swingline, the Little Band with the Big Sound

YouTube is a great resource for musicians who want to showcase their music to find gigs and to build a following……..and you don’t even need a video.

Here’s a five-minute promo piece we recorded with SwingLine, one of our “house bands” here at Studio 13.  The music was recorded live off the floor in our big tracking room, with even the drums in the same space as the rest of the musicians.  Under these conditions all of the instruments are being picked up by all of the microphones, so editing out mistakes made by individual instruments is either very difficult or impossible.  Fortunately, with these great players there were no mistakes.  Vocals were overdubbed separately, so we had complete isolation and the ability to do edits on the vocal tracks as needed.

SwingLine uses this audio sampler on YouTube to help get bookings for the band.

SwingLine began as a project organized by Urmas Soomet and Darren Blundell. The original concept was to invite some capable musicians to come out to a “Little Big Band Session” at Studio 13 in Millgrove, Ontario about once a month to play some jazz and swing music. No one was asked to make an ongoing commitment or to “join the band”. It was simply an opportunity to play and to make some new musical connenctions. The lineup of participants was constantly changing, so each session was somewhat unique. Over time a core group of 9 or 10 musicians, supported by a great roster of substitute players, formed SwingLine — the little band with the big sound. The band is available for shows in southwestern Ontario. For further information contact Urmas Soomet at 905-690-0413 or email us at studio13recording@gmail.com

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