About Studio 13

Hello. I’m Urmas Soomet, an audio engineer with over twenty years’ experience in audio recording, live sound and music performance.

I have worked with singers and musicians of all ages and recorded music from a wide range of genres including rock, jazz, pop, country, punk rock, spoken word, gospel, dixieland, blues, acoustic folk and roots music, world music, big band, concert band, chamber music, choral performances………..and much more.

When I’m not busy in the recording studio, I’m probably playing bass somewhere. As an experienced musician, I understand what real music is supposed to sound like and I understand musicians, who tend to be a special breed of people.

I have a passion for recording “real” music — sound from real instruments played by real people — remembering always that the greatest instrument of all is the human voice. The recording spaces and the control room at Studio 13 have been designed and built to provide great acoustics. This is where the Studio 13 sound begins. Add a selection of great microphones and analog hardware feeding a state-of-the-art digital recording system, and every recording project becomes an adventure in great sound.

I love to use my skills and experience to make you and your music the best that it can be, with a sound that is appropriate to your musical genre and to your project.

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